Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cafe Ysabel for the Anniversary: Like a Sir!

Jopeena is 3 years old! No, that is not my baby's name! What better way to celebrate our anniversary than to eat at an elegant restaurant? A trip to Hong Kong of course! But this is about an elegant restaurant! He chose Cafe Ysabel and it was perfect for our special day.
Outside Cafe Ysabel San Juan Philippines
It looks like a really pretty ancestral house from the outside

The Place
I bet the outdoors is especially lovely during day time. There is a pond and a fountain with really big fish.

Inside Cafe Ysabel with pillars and painted walls
I really like the fine details on the woodwork and painted walls

The cafe is beautiful. You have the antique lanterns on the ceiling, old paintings on the  wall, etc.

inside cafe ysabel san juan philippines for anniversary dinner
Not going there on Feb 14 has its perks
Oh let's not forget the fancy bathroom.There's even a couch inside, just in case you need a selfie while sitting down.

Then there's this pretty doll to greet you on your way back to the table. Look at the detail on her top!
filipiniana philippines doll
Look at the detail on her top!
The Service
They were very attentive whenever we needed water. Kuya waiter was nice enough to accomodate our request, he took our picture outside the restaurant!

The Food
The appetizer was 2 pieces of regular bread, but the dipping sauce was heavenly. Jopet asked the waiter what's in the sauce. He said it had balsamic vinegar, olive oil and secret herbs. I think it has unicorn breath. Because you know, unicorn breath makes things magical.

4-cheese pizza cafe ysabel
Life of Pie
We ordered a 4-Cheese Pizza as well. The crust wasn't a problem since I only eat it if it's stuffed with cheese. The pizza was very thin and not oily, yum! Let this be a symbol of love, it's what's on the center that counts! 

crispy cheese rolls cafe ysabel
I am better than turon!
Because you can never have too much cheese (exceptions: relationships, cheesy couples are bleh, haha I'm sorry for not being sorry), we also ordered Crispy Cheese Rolls with Mustard Créme Sauce. The sauce was goooood. I think it's honey mustard, also with essence of unicorn.

steak cafe ysabel
Steak with a ancy shmancyloopy bread thing, good stuff!
For our main course, we ordered steak. I am sorry for not taking note of what the steak was. Please refer the waiter to this blog to know the name *wink wink*

The meat was very soft and flavorful. It came with a loopy crispy bread thing, mashed potatoes and veggies. 

How I wish we still had room for dessert!

We ate a heavy merienda prior to dinner. Look at our sincere smiles! Just look at it!

Overall, we enjoyed our dining experience at Cafe Ysabel. We think it's best to go there on regular days since it's a really popular dining spot. Good luck to you Valentine's people!

For more information on Cafe Ysabel, visit 
455 P. Guevarra Street, San Juan
(632)726-9326 and (632) 725-5089

Where are other good places for anniversaries? Leave a comment below!


  1. congrats to you guys! the steak looks really good! the adarna restaurant looks like a good spot for an anniversary too :)


Thank you! :)